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Young Women's Academy

Virtual Courses & Mentorship

September 2022

Our mission is to be a collective of diverse women that provide testimonies, classes, mentorship, mission trips, and retreats that empower young women to cultivate an intimate relationship with God, believe in their God-given identity, and pursue their kingdom purpose while being surrounded by sisters in Christ.


Butterfly Stories

Join us Tuesday, May 31st for a virtual storytelling event presented by young women. You will have the opportunity to hear messages of love from those whose voices matter so deeply to God, our youth.


My heart is to see the world transformed one story at a time... because God creates beauty from ashes and butterflies from caterpillars.

Jasmine Fountain

Founder and Executive Director

Founder & Executive Director

God's Butterfly Effect  Academy
Cohort 2 Begins September 2022

The world fills young women with false beliefs about who they are and how they should live- and these false beliefs can keep them from really embracing the lives they are  called to live as God's beloved daughters. But despite the false identities we live from, the Bible promises us that God can transform us into new creations by changing the way we think (Romans 12:2).This academy will take young women on a journey of truly loving themselves by letting God's wisdom transform them as they learn God's truths about their minds, emotions,  relationships, physical health, money, spirit, and career goals.

Registration for the academy is free and is now open, to request information please email

Mission Statement:

The mission of our academy is to empower each young woman that partners with us to see herself as God's beautiful daughter while embracing her journey as an empowered young woman despite the challenges she faces... because God transforms butterflies from caterpillars and beauty from ashes.

Outcomes Include:

  • Building Self  Love

  • Becoming A Part Of A Supportive Community

  • Developing  Skills In Reflection & Discourse 

  • Finding Freedom From The Past 

  • Shifting Negative Belief Systems With Truth

  • Believing In The Power Of Your Story

  • Embracing A Loving Relationship With God

  • Creating An Empowered Life Vision

  • Growing As A Leader That Can Empower Others

  • Being Empowered To Create And Manage Projects

Two Year Program

Year I: Let God's Love Transform You

Year 2: Let God's Love Give You




Before this program I was struggling with depression... it was pulling me away from people. I have seen my views on life improve. Also, I have been looking to God a lot more to uplift me.

-Junior In High School


I have appreciated this program so much honestly and it has been a major help to me! During this program, Jasmine has helped me tremendously by being someone  I could go to and express how I feel ... and she connected me with others that I can build long-term friendships with.

-Junior In High School


I appreciate how safe Jasmine makes me feel when I'm expressing my emotions. I feel no judgment from her... Jasmine has been extremely supportive when it comes to my confidence and my problems that may seem silly but she still gives great advice.

-Junior In High School

Sep 04, 2022, 6:00 PM
Online Orientation
Sisterhood & Mentorship

Core Offerings

Retreats & Meditations

The privilege of being a mentor to a young woman is one that must be regarded with the utmost respect. Our young women deal will various challenges such as depression, abuse, anxiety, insecurity, and now during the pandemic- isolation. As women of God, we can reach out to these beautiful young women and teach them to face life as Daughters of The Most High God. As we empower them to grow in love, faith and integrity we fulfill God's calling to go into the nations and make disciples (Matthew 28-19-20). This is also the basis for our sisterhood as the word encourages us to come together to stir one another up toward love and good works (Hebrews 10:24)

It's in times of rest that we find the stillness to be able to connect with our true selves and our loving God. We hope to come together and cocreate spaces of safety, peace, and love so that young women can be renewed in their relationships with God and refreshed in their personal healing journeys. We also hope to provide meditations that allow women to create spaces of safety in their minds, allowing them the freedom to be immersed in His word in a way that ushers in intimacy, calmness, and freedom.


God's Butterfly Effect is a ministry that believes in the power of unity in empowering young women and there are many ways that you can join this movement. If you are in a financial place to donate, proceeds go towards sustaining the mentorship program and the academy for young women. Additionally, we are looking for women to partner with us in ministering to young women through sharing your testimony, mentoring young girls, facilitating workshops, or speaking at conferences. Help us in empowering young women as they begin to see themselves as the butterflies God has called them to be.

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